Body,Body,Body Don’t you love me anymore?

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Amen and goodbye

   I seem to be casting my words to the wind. Yet not a sound do I hear. Not even a quiet zepher whispering in my ear. So I am going to go and do the next thing, whatever that is. Goodnight and may all your days be filled with wisdom and joy.

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Question on space

Scientists state that there are stellar objects moving apart at speeds in excess of the speed of light. If that is a given, then, is it not possible that there are objects moving directly away from us that we can’t detect because we are separating faster than the speed of light?

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Of mice Men and Motorcycles

I turned sixteen and wanted a motorcycle in the worst way. I agitated Paul, Mother and everybody else as much as possible. Paul wouldn’t get me the Harley 45 I had found for a hundred so he got me a Vespa thinking that being a small machine I wouldn’t hurt myself. The first time I revved it up and dropped the clutch it stood up and threw me off. He sold it the next day. The next scooter I got was a Zundapp Bella. I hated that thing.  It was a girls scooter as far as I was concerned. At one time it was red, that had faded to a pinkish color. It had running boards and shifter pegs that was almost 16in apart that you stomped on to shift. Only much later did I realize that it was one of the best little scooters in the world. One of the things I did with it was tow my mothers Ford Falcon home after it broke down about a mile away. I know you don’t believe that, but I really did it. That machine had a 250 two-stroke single in it that was strong as an ox. It would only go sixty but it would get there in just a few seconds. I used it to jump everything in sight. I modified it by taking the sheet metal off and putting on a steel pipe for a muffler. I regretted that later as the first time I got drunk, Roddy Treyhan and I were drinking Schlitz tall boys (HOT)  from a case he inherited out the back door of the convience store where he worked. I am here to tell you that window screen will strain vomit ( not a pretty sight ) and the hangover was epic. I had to drive that scooter home with the two-stroke popping, ringing and dinging  ( loudly ) all the way home. I hated that machine so much that I didn’t put oil in the gas for a week. The motor lasted that long. I ran it everyday to and from school as well as all over Houston. After it quit I threw it in a ditch. Paul got it home and sold it. The guy that bought it got it running the next day and as far as I knew it was running six years later. The next machine (I bought it) was a Mustang scooter. It had a 12 Hp Kohler engine on it with a four speed British Burma transmission behind it. That thing would run 90, with my rear about two foot off the ground. Damm, that thing was fast. I got a speeding ticket for going 90. I had it framed. After that I got a Norton Combat Commando. I could stand that bike up and kiss the headlight. It was a very fast and rock steady. I could leave Honda 750s in the dust after giving them a head start. I have owned many machines since then including a Czechoslovakian Jawa. I have a 1981 Kawasaki 1100 A-1 that I am working on for the summer. I hope to get it right and ride again soon. Oh, and sorry there are no mice.

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The saga of Tidbit in two part harmony, Part the second

In the evenings Paul our father would tell us of Tidbits exploits. Of how he could have won the Second World War by dropping behind enemy lines and killing Hitler except he wouldn’t jump out of the airplane. How when it was time to jump he grabbed the sides of the door and when they tried to push him out he just held on tighter. How at one time he was a mine detector but the explosions scared him. He was a bull fighter in Mexico except that he wouldn’t get in the ring the bulls were too big,  if they had only had a bull in his size. He became a scuba diver but didn’t go in the water, it was too wet you see. Paul told us many stories, we enjoyed hearing them a lot. We were a family.

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GOD and women

GOD told Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden that everything in the garden was theirs to name, use and eat. Adam and Eve began enjoying the garden Then HE said oh, by the way don’t eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Soon all that Eve could think about was that fruit. This leads me to believe that even GOD doesn’t understand women all that much.(Stolen intact from an old In Plain Sight episode)

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70* yesterday and sleet right now. I think Kansas weather can’t make up it’s mind.

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